Looking into myself the only thing I see is sadness and cowardice

I’m angry and I’m ready to explode

And It’s not fair the life I live and how they treat us

Left behind as if we were shit

One more joke

They take what’s left from me but it seems to be

Not enough

They need to see me bleeding and

Begging for mercy

And even if I try to scream

Nobody will hear

Because I’m no one

Welcome, this is our home

Enjoy yourself, do what you want

Look at them and have a laugh

Just leave a tip and it’s all right

I'm in front of you and speaking

But you do not listen

I'm sick of this

And this feeling of contempt

I don't have anything

And nobody cares

Now it is my turn


I will let him out of the cage

Cause I have nothing to lose

Now you may taste what you have built all this time

Now you can see me

And the party begins

I see people running

And a lot of screams

Isn't that what you were looking for?

Smiles in all their faces

This is the sound of madness

The laugh will take this place