In the horizon I still see the sun through the mirror of the ocean

And some tree leaves are falling like rain

Slices of light on my face came to say goodbye

And the birds sing their last song

Blue sky, the sunset begins

And the night presents itself

The stars started to shine

And the moon is waking up again

I can hear the noise of the wind

And feel a few drops in the air

My eyes open again

I can feel the sand in my hands

I walk on the edge of the sea

Hearing the sound of the waves

I gaze at the dance of the trees

And some crabs partying in the sand

This is what I call paradise

But it seems nobody can see

They are too busy cutting the trees

Polluting and burning everything

And I want to scream

My heart starts to beat fast

My mind fills up with rage

everything is dying

Fire in the sky, they have arrived - again

The dream becomes nightmare, the moon starts to cry - again

Burning inside, sadness in life - again

Now you should pray, for some heaven in sky

It seems we are desperate to kill

Everything that keeps us alive

And everytime, the same excuse

We are fool or we are too naive